Case simulator for Standoff 2

Open all collection cases from Standoff 2 game for free

Case simulator for Standoff 2 Case simulator for Standoff 2

About Case simulator for Standoff 2

All cases and sticker packs are here on this free case simulator. You can get skins from shop or marketplace. Collect all Arcana in you inventory. There is Craft feature. It allows you to upgrade your skin rarity to higher one at the same collection.

The main features
- open box
- open case
- buy case\box
- sell skin
- craft skin
- buy skin from marketplace
- get and open giftbox
- buy giftbox
- get karambit gold (or any other skins)
- inspect case\box\giftbox\skins
- filter skins by Collection or name on marketplace


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Reviews denis BOSS
denis BOSS

i love this game

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FBR Lion

este cel mai bun

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IKT ionut